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Tommi Toija: Archeology of Emotions exhibition at Taidehalli

Tommi Toija’s Archeology of Emotions exhibition will be displayed at Taidehalli on 1.6.-6.10.2024.

Toija’s fascinating studio will move from the Lallukka Artists’ Home to Kunsthalle Helsinki. Visitors can explore the rich collection of artworks, tools, and inspiring objects, and occasionally watch the artist at work.

Tommi Toija is especially known for gently rebellious sculpture figures that examine their surroundings with eyes wide open. The exhibition will also feature newer sculptures, paintings, and drawings.

Kim Simonsson: Moss Giants in Helsinki

“The Moss children are independent, they don’t need the help of adults.” – artist Kim Simonsson.

The moss giants are the first works by Simonsson to be shown outdoors in central Helsinki (29.4.2024–20.10.2024). Four shimmering green figures have laid down temporary roots in the Lasipalatsikortteli Square and on the terrace of Bio Rex. A haunting mystery surrounds these moss giants, some of the Finnish sculptor Kim Simonsson’s largest works to date.

Emma Helle’s “The Girl Who Turned into a Rosebush” at HAM

Emma Helle’s spellbinding sculpture The Girl Who Turned into a Rosebush is part of HAM Helsinki Art Museum’s new collection exhibition The Girl Who Turned into a Rosebush. The exhibition focuses on a fresh dialogue between older and newer works in the Helsinki art collection and highlights themes such as gender and embodiment. The Girl Who Turned into a Rosebush from February 9th to September 29th, 2024.

Kim Simonsson’s sculpture at Halle Saint Pierre in Paris

Kim Simonsson’s Moss People sculpture is part of the Hey!Ceramics exhibition at Halle Saint Pierre in Paris. The Hey!Ceramics exhibition brings together 34 artists from 13 countries and exhibition encourages the viewer to look at contemporary ceramics from a new perspective. The exhibition is open until August 14th, 2024.

Tiftö Foundation makes a significant donation to HAM

Tiftö Foundation, a foundation dedicated to promoting contemporary Finnish art, has awarded a grant of 120 000 euros to HAM Helsinki Art Museum. The grant will be allocated for the 2025 Helsinki Biennial and will enable the commissioning of a work by one artist. The grant is Tiftö Foundation’s first donation to a museum.

The world premiere of Kaarina Kaikkonen’s “Waves of Life” documentary

The world premiere of the one-hour long film Kaarina Onde Vita Camicie by Alberto Valtellina will take place at Cinema Capitol, Bergamo, Italy on November 19, 2023. The film describes the making of Kaikkonen’s work Waves of Life in Bergamo, Italy.