Tiftö Foundation

Tiftö Foundation was established in 2019 by Rafaela Seppälä to promote Finnish contemporary art and artists internationally.

Acting as a non-profit intermediary between Finnish artists and international actors, curators and museums, Tiftö Foundation seeks to attract international attention to Finnish art and design. The foundation possesses a growing collection of Finnish contemporary art which it lends to exhibitions at home and abroad.

Tiftö Foundation is a non-profit organization. At its’ own discretion it grants financial support to partners who further the foundation’s goals.

Anna Retulainen, Värillisiä muistikuvia, syksy, 2020
Emma Helle, Sottobosco, 2019
Leena Luostarinen, Sunrise – Tiger, 1981
Ola Kolehmainen, Staircase, 1999
Kim Simonsson, Moss People, 2015